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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

GYR Carnival

The interesting, odd & beautiful

In almost every cemetery we can find a tombstone that fits into the interesting, odd and beautiful categories. These are the ones we most likely share on our cemetery blogs.

Mt. Calvary Cemetery - Saline County, KS
I have not located information on this grave.


Mitchal Runnels Grave
Valley View Cemetery - Finney County, KS


Highland Cem. - Comanche Co., OK
Eakins Cem. - Denton Co., TX
Eastside Cem. - Reno Co, KS
Eastside Cem., Reno Co, KS
I am drawn to tombstones that tend to pull my heartstrings.
These are a few that fit the beautiful category.

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  1. Some lovely stones here.And the story of Mitchal Runnels grave is very touching.Thank you for sharing!


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