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Monday, June 29, 2009

Who Are You?

This is [only] one of the saddest headstones I've found. Someone cared enough to have the cross placed on this grave and even embed the little doll into the stone but no where can I find a name for the person buried here. I am assuming it is a baby or child.
This grave is located in the Eastside Cemetery in Hutchinson, KS. I spend a lot of time here for a multi-level project that two of us are working on. We typed all of the paper records for the city and for our genealogical society and are now walking each lot noting the burials with and without headstones. All of this will eventually find its way to the society web site. The grave is also in the original Potter's Field, where even though there may be an interment record there isn't always a location recorded. I'm in the process of analyzing about 130 years worth of records to reconstruct what I can. My eyes scan the cemetery for this marker each time I enter it.

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