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• AGS Field Guide No. 1: Analyzing Cemetery Data

• AGS Field Guide No. 3: Guide to Forming a “Cemetery Friends” Organization

• AGS Field Guide No. 7: Making Photographic Records of Gravestones

• AGS Field Guide No. 8: Symbolism in the Carving on Gravestones

• AGS Field Guide No. 17: Recording Cemetery Data

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Lettering in Marble [from AGS web site]

• Translating Tombstones [Powers-Douglas, Minda]

Waterhouse Symbolism Newsletter [Waterhouse, Richard – No. 1 to present]

• GPS Locating Cemeteries [FGS Strategy Series, Set 1 No. 27]

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My Book Wish List

• Felsen, Gregg. Tombstones; Seventy Five Famous People and Their Final Resting Places. 1996.

• Lamments, Dietrich Christian; Taylor, Mark C. Grave Matters. Reaktion Books. 2002.

• O’Connell, Mark, Airey, Raje, Craze, Richard. The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Symbols, Signs & Dream Interpretation. London. Anness Publishing Ltd, Hermes House. 2008.

• Tressider, Jack. The Complete Dictionary of Symbols. San Francisco: Chronicle Books. 2005.