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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Krimmer Mennonite Brethren - Land Scouts

Located in the Grace Meadow Cemetery in Hillsboro, Kansas.

  • 1880 Liberty, Marion Co., KS Federal Census: John Fast, 66, Father in the household of John J. & Helena Fast.

George Washington Stafford

My Great Grandfather, George Washington Stafford, is buried at Mt. Ida Cemetery in Holmes County, Florida. Also buried here is Peter Ingalls and his family. Peter is a cousin of Laura Ingalls Wilder. The Wilder family returned North after a couple of years. Peter remained in Holmes County.

Name: George Washington STAFFORD
Birth: 14 Jul 1865 Alabama
Death: 4 Mar 1933 Hickory Hill, Holmes County, FL
Burial: 5 Mar 1933 Mt. Ida Cemetery, Holmes County, FL
Burial: 28 Jul 2004 Headstone placed by family
Occupation: Farmer

Birth: 12 Oct 1873 Alabama
Death: 30 Oct 1904 Holmes County, Florida
Burial: Mt. Ida Cemetery, Holmes County, FL
Father: Henry Jefferson COMMANDER (1854-1940)
Mother: Nancy Jane PRESCOTT (1848-1926)
Marriage: abt 1889

  • Mary Belle (1889-1974)

  • Rosa Lee (1892-1974)

  • David Oscar (1893-1959)

  • James Bascom (1896-1967)

  • Vallie S. (1898-1974)

  • George Wilmer (1900-1986)

  • Donie (1903-1996)

  • Infant (1904-1904)

Birth: Jun 1884 Florida
Death: bef Jul 1917 1914-1917
Burial: Mt. Ida Cemetery, Holmes County, FL
Father: Robert Ira COMMANDER (1849-1919)
Mother: Cassey Caroline WORTHINGTON (1848-1917)
Marriage: 1 Jan 1905 Holmes County Florida

  • Gypsie (1906-1997)

  • Roy Washington (1907-1968)

  • Unknown (<1910-)

  • Hettie (1910-1928)

  • Milburn Dora (1914-1985)

3: Catherine Rebecca BENTON
Birth: 20 Sep 1890 Holmes County, Florida
Death: 6 Jun 1947 Westville, Holmes County, Florida
Burial: 8 Jun 1947 Camp Ground Cemetery, Holmes County, FL
Father: James M. "Bomp" BENTON (1855->1920)
Mother: Elizabeth "Lizzie" PRESCOTT (1850-1912)
Marriage: 15 Jul 1917 Holmes County Florida

  • Lizzie May (Died as Child) (~1918->1930)

  • Daniel Union (1920-1989) - THIS IS MY GRANDFATHER

  • James D. "Dee J" (Died as Child) (~1925-~1932)

  • Eula Mae (1927-2003)

  • Ruthie Lee (1929-)

Notes for George Washington STAFFORD

-1880 Geneva County, Alabama Census: 16 year old "grandson" in the household of Anna Spears [2nd wife & widow of Bryant Spears]. Farm hand. Born in Alabama. Father born in Georgia. Mother born in Alabama.
-1900 Holmes County, FL Census; Precinct 9 Hurricane Creek: 36 years old. Born July 1865. Married 11 years. Born in AL. Parents born in AL. Farmer. Can read and write. Owns farm free of mortgage. Farm schedule 170.
-1910 Holmes County, FL Census; Precinct 9 Hurricane Creek: 40 years old (46?). Farmer. Married 5 years. **Place born left empty**Parents born in AL. Can read and write. Owns farm free of mortgage.
-1920 Holmes County, FL Census; Leonia Church Precinct: 53 years old. Can read and write. Born in AL. Parents born in United States.
-1930 Holmes County, Florida Census; Hickory Hill: George W. 65 years old. Age 25 when first married. Can read and write. Born in Alabama. Parents born in Alabama. Farmer.

Homestead Act
*Homestead Affidavit, unable to appear because of distance - January 14, 1901
*Non-Mineral Affidavit - January 14, 1901
*Homestead Application 30573 - January 25, 1901 (2nd page)
*Receiver's Receipt, application 30573 - $14.00
*Homestead Proof - Testimony of Claimant - George W. Stafford

-Question 4 - When was your house built and when did you establish actual residence therein?: The house was built in October 1892 and I established actual residence at that time. I homesteaded the land in 1892 but did not prove up and my time ran out after 7 years. I homesteaded again January 25, 1901. 1 frame house 40 x 32 - 8 rooms, 1 other frame dwelling house, 1 crib, 1 smoke house, 78 acres under fence, 1 well, worth $1,000.00

-Question 5 - Of whom does your family consist...?: My wife, 7 children. We have resided continously on the land since homesteading it.

*Homestead Proof - Testimony of Witness: J. C. Commander, Vaughanville, AL - February 23, 1906.
*Homestead Proof - Testimony of Witness: M. A. McDuffee, Vaughanville, AL - February 23, 1906.

* No. 1 - Homestead - January 13, 1906 - George W. Stafford appeared with the following witnesses:
M. A. McDuffee, Vaughanville, AL
Z. Prescott, Silas, FL
J. C. Commander, Vaughanville, AL
A. Royals, Vaughanville, AL (Asa Royals in the same section/township)

*Non-Mineral Affidavit - February 23, 1906
*Final Affidavit Required of Homestead Claimants - February 23, 1906
*Final Certificate n. 18172, application no. 30573 - 159.50 acres
*Final Receiver's receipt - April 20, 1906; $1.00 Testimony fee. Number of written words, 670. Rate per 100 words 15 cents.
*Certificate As To Posting of Notice - April 20, 1906 - W. G. Robinson
*David Gillis, April 16, 1906, sworn testimony as editor of Westville News, notice was published.

*Notice For Publication
Department of the Interior,
Land Office at Gainesville, Fla; January 13, 1906

~Westville News~
Notice is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before Clear Circuit Court at Bonifay, Fla., on February 23, 1906, viz.: George W. Stafford of Vaughanville, Ala., Hd 30573, for the e hlf of nw qr and w hlf of ne qr sec. 33 Tp. 7 N., R. 17 W.

He names the following witnesses to prove his continous residence upon and cultivation of said land, viz.:
M. A. McDuffee of Vaughanville, Ala.
J. C. Commander of Vaughanville, Ala.
A. Royals of Vaughanville, Ala.
Z. Prescott of Silas, Fla.
Ed. fee paid
tf W. G. Robinson, Register.

*Final Certificate no. 18172
Homestead Application no. 30573
Approved - June 14, 1906
Patented - August 10, 1906
Recorded, Vol. 110, page 292


George W. Stafford ---------- Peter Ingalls Grave

Granny Cowden - Army Nurse

Located in the Iola Cemetery, Allen County, Kansas.

2/17/09 More information added

A Google search on "Granny Cowden" led me to an article from the Iola Register dated 6/4/2001 that mentions Granny Cowden during the rededication of the zinc statue in the cemetery. It provided her given name as Victoria. Searching records available on Ancestry.com and Footnote.com I found the following information:

  • 1880 Iola, Allen Co., KS Federal Census: Victoria Cowden, white female, 66, boarder, widowed, Housekeeper. Born in France. Parents born in France. Living in the household of H. D. Parsons.
  • 1875 Allen Co., KS State Census: V. Cowden, 58, white female. Housekeeper. Born in France. Came to Kansas from Missouri. Living in the household of H. D. and Harriett Parsons.
  • 1870 Verdigris, Montgomery Co., KS Federal Census: Victoria Cowden, 55, white female, Invalid. $125 Personal Estate. Born in France. Father & Mother of foreign birth. Can't read and write. Household of Jacob & Hannah Cop.
  • 1865 Iola, Allen Co., KS State Census: Victoria Cowden, 50 female, $100 Real Estate, $150 Personal Estate. Single. Can't read & write. Household of Wm & A. E. Barry.
  • 1860 Allen Co., Kansas Territory Census: Braden W. [Brandon] Cowden. 38, male, farmer. $800 Real Estate, $250 Personal Estate. Born in TN. Victoria Cowden, 45, female, housewife. Born in France. Can't read or write.
Other information found on Brandon W. Cowden
  • Civil War Pension Index: Brandon W. Cowden. Widow: Victoria Cowden filed November 29, 1864. Brandon served in Co G of the 9th Kansas Calvary.
  • 1859 Voters List of Allen Co., KS: B. W. Cowden. Date of settlement: March 1855. 1 Head of household. Total: 2. Farmer.
  • 1857 Voters List of Allen Co., KS; Dist 18: #45 - B. W. Cowden. Head of Family. 1 female. 2 total.

Thomas W. Everett - Civil War Soldier

Thomas W. Everett is buried in the historic Linwood Cemetery in my hometown of Columbus, GA. I love to walk through this cemetery when I go home to visit.

Civil War records give conflicting dates and places for the death of Thomas. He enlisted for one year as a Private in Co I 5 Rgt of the GA Vol Inf on May 11, 1861 in Macon, GA, by Capt. Cole.

T. W. Everett appears on a list of casualties in the affair on Santa Rosa Island Florida on October 8th & 9th 1861. Remarks: Prisoner wounded. Since dead.

Name appears on a register of officers and soldiers who were killed in battle, or who died of wounds or disease on October 16, 1861 at Ft. Pickens Hospital. Number of certificate 17. This marker reads "The first who fell from Columbus".

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