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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Martha Susan Vandermark

She rests at the Eastside Cemetery in Hutchinson, KS. The lamp is said to represent many things. Wisdom, faithfulness & holiness and hope of resurrection.

Best Friend

This dog sits in Eastside Cemetery. The lot card does not indicate any burials in this section.

10/29/2008 Update: I was able to verify with the cemetery manager that this lot contains no burials. The lot owner placed the dog on the lot because she liked it.

Little Angel

Esther Marie Benignus rests at Eastside Cemetery, Hutchinson, KS.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Rice County Poor Farm Cemetery

These are the marked graves of those buried in the Rice County, Kansas poor farm cemetery. It sits about 1/2 mile behind the landfill.

Simmons Cemetery

This little cemetery sits down a slope off of Highway 50 in Chase County, KS. You would never know it was there unless you just happen to be looking down as you travel this section of the highway.

Nehemiah Carson

He rests at the base of Pawnee Rock - Pawnee Rock, KS

Georgia Mustian Davis

Georgia rests in the historic Linwood Cemetery in Columbus, GA. This is one of the many beautiful headstones you will find at Linwood. She was the only child of John & Julia Mustian and the wife of John Davis.

George & Eva Westerlin

George and Eva rest in the Highland Park Cemetery in Pittsburg, KS. They are the children of Louie & Lizzie.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ethel Mae Farney

Ethel Mae Farney rests in the Sterling Mennonite Cemetery in Reno County, KS.

Update 10/27/08: I received my copy of Douglas Keister's new book "Forever Dixie" and was happy to find a similar picture of this symbol on page 166. It is a boat. According to Keister "...the boat also suggests a return to the cradle or womb..."

I have looked at this stone many times trying to determine what it means. I think I now have my answer.
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Little Johnie

Johnie J. Flynn rests in the St. Aloysius Cemetery in Greenbush, KS. He was 5 years old when he died.

1900 Grant Twp, Crawford Co., KS:
Flynn family
Maurice, w, m, June 1873, 26, M3, KS Ire Ire
Gertrude, w, f, Mar 1878, 22, M3, 2/2, KS, Ire, MO
Mary J., w, f, May 1897, 3, KS
John J., w, m, Jan 1899, 1, KS

Other census for Maurice and Gertrude:
1930 Sedgwick Co., KS
1920 Henry Co., MO
1910 Crawford Co., KS
1905 Crawford Co., KS

WWI Draft Registration: Serial # 1526 Order # 1760

Maurice Flynn, RR Clinton, Henry Co., MO. Medium height, medium build, blue eyes, brown hair. Age 45. Born June 15, 1873.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Funny Little Guy

I discovered this little guy at the Highland Park Cemetery in Pittsburg, KS. It is the grave of George [1906-1906] and Edmond [1908-1908] Fontaine.