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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pioneer Settlers

Elmwood Cemetery
Pioneer Settlers
First Blacksmith Shop

Samuel Robb
Lydia Ann Robb
Charles S. Robb
Imogene Robb Perry
Lulu Robb Stevens
Elmer E. Robb

This is located in the cemetery where members of the Dalton Gang are buried.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Nature's Beauty

Nature can leave a headstone illegible. Sometimes beauty can be found in the ruins. As I approached this stone I wondered how legible it would be. I did find this one readable and loved the colors found on top of the stone.
In loving remembrance of
C W Pennington
Died Jan 17, 1888
Aged 6 years
Abilene Cemetery

Symbolism: Cross

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Little information

Or is it a lot!

Abilene Cemetery

Beautiful unknowns

Some whisper while others cry out, these beautiful unknowns.

From these cemeteries:
Bean, Geneseo & Forest Home

Phythian Sisters

Lyons Municipal Cemetery

Phythian Sisters: The female auxilary of the Knights of Phythias. The Maltese Cross, embossed with letters, is their symbol.

P = Purity

F = Fidelity

L = Love

E = Equality

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Killed by Indians

Samuel J. McMurry
Fairview [Elmer] Cemetery
Born Oct. 22, 1848.
Killed by Indians on the Cimeron in New Mexico
July 4, 1874

Also - revisit a previous post about six railroad workers that were also killed by Indians.

Killed in the discharge of duty

- The Hutchinson Herald 9/4/1880: Harry Morgan, of Nickerson, a conductor on the A. T. & S. F. railroad, was shot by a laboring man on the train, while near Ellinwood, last Tuesday. The train was going west, and a party of men were on board en-route to New Mexico, for the purpose of working on the road. They seemed to “feel their oats” considerably, and a squad of them were on top of one of the coaches conducting themselves in a noisy and beastly manner. At the command of the conductor they all came down and took their seats inside the coach except one Montgomery, who engaged in an altercation with Mr. Morgan, and being requested by the latter to put away a revolver which he had drawn, commenced cursing, and placing the muzzle of the weapon close to Mr. Morgan’s person, pulled the trigger. The ball lodged in the upper abdomen, making a severe though not necessarily fatal wound. The would-be assassin was placed in jail at Great Bend. There was considerable talk of lynching.

- The Argosy 9/8/1880: Shooting of Conductor Harry Morgan

- The Argosy 9/22/1880: Death of Conductor Morgan
Sunday morning last a gloom was thrown over our city by the report of the death of Conductor Harry Morgan, whose death occurred at quarter of six on that morning. He had, apparently got along so well ever since he was shot that everyone supposed he would recover… Mr. Morgan was 37 years of age. He had been in the employ of the Santa Fe railroad for five years, a resident of Nickerson over a year and served his country four years during the war. He was a passenger conductor on the railroad and enjoyed the confidence and stood high in the estimation of the officers of the company, and was an honored and highly respected citizen. He was a loving and faithful husband and leaves an equally loving and faithful wife to mourn his loss.

- The Hutchinson Herald 9/25/1880: M. J. Ruddy’s hearse was taken to Nickerson Tuesday afternoon, to take the remains of conductor Morgan to the cemetery.

-1880 Nickerson, Grant Township, Reno County, Kansas Federal Census: Harry Morgan age 30. Married. Conductor. Born in Maryland. Parents born in United States. Ella Morgan. Wife. Age 23. Married. Keeps house. Born in United States. Birth place of parents not listed.

Harry Morgan
Wildmead Cemetery
Nickerson, KS

Drowned while bathing

Charles Powelson
Lyons Municipal Cemetery

Not too often do we find the cause of death on a headstone. Richard Waterhouse, Waterhouse Symbolism, is featuring on his blog this month headstones that tell of violent deaths.

While this isn't as horrid as murder I would say drowning isn't a pleasant way to die.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Remembering The Clutter Family

On my last road trip I was able to visit the Clutter Memorial in the Holcomb Community park. Their murders were chronicled in the book "In Cold Blood" by Truman Capote. The memorial comes a few months before the 50th anniversary of their deaths. The family was murdered in Holcomb and buried in Garden City at Valley View Cemetery.

Jewish Cemetery

This cemetery is really off the beaten path. On the drive over to it I couldn't help but fear the children of the corn. I was glad to get back to a black top road.

In Loving Remembrance

Hays City Cemetery - Ellis Co., KS

Honoring Harry

Harry Lyon was the first burial in the Utica Cemetery in Ness Co., KS. The back of his headstone gives the history of the cemetery. What a sweet face and very touching memorial.

Beautiful Hands

Larned Cem. - Pawnee Co., KS

These are probably the most beautiful clasped hands I have found. Look at the detailed carving surrounding them.


On my last road trip I saw 2 headstones with butterflies.

Valley View Cem. - Finney Co., KS

Lakin Cem. - Kearny Co., KS

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First Roman Catholic Cemetery

in the community of Victoria, KS

This little cemetery sits not far from the St. Fidelis Cemetery. On one side of the cross are the names of the adults and the other side names of children. No dates are given and there are no individual headstones.

Where's the beef?

In Kansas!

George Grant Cemetery AKA English Cemetery
Victoria, KS

George Grant imported 4 Angus Bulls from Scotland in 1873. Read this interesting history of the beef industry on the sign photo posted.