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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Are they here?

Eastside Cemetery
Lot 809
east 1/2 purchased by J. O. Howe 7/24/1905

Sadly, no one had their death dates carved in later. Lillie's obituary listed 6 children. Why didn't any of them take care of this? One would assume they had the stone carved when Ralph died in 1904.

Information gleaned from the interments, lot card and Lillie's obituary:
James O.
Born: 3/27/1857 Flemingsburg, KY
Died: 12/11/1936
Lived at 815 W 15th St.
Interment signed by Mrs. Frank Webb

Lillian Augusta
Born: 10/16/1867 Quebec Canada
Died: 5/8/1941
Came to Reno county in 1879
Interment signed by G. W. Stratton
Her obituary mentions a brother as Stratton

Other burials in lot:
Ralph P. - 1904
Hazel Chappel - 1917
Hanna Stratton - 1927
C. W. Stratton - 1906


I often see notes in the margins of census forms. This is something I would do - instead of using a boring arrow.

1905 Reno Co., KS state census

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday

I have seen many headstones with gates on them but this is the first like this.
Neola Cemetery

Is this the spirit ascending into Heaven?

W. B. Dunn - Died 7/4/1901

More Eisenhower's

Parents of President Eisenhower are buried in the Abilene Cemetery.

David J. and Ida Stover Eisenhower

Buried in the same enclosed area are the following:
Large surname stone has Musser Eisenhower
Amanda Musser
Christian Musser
Beulah Musser Brechbill [dau of Christian]
Abram Brechbill

Monday, July 27, 2009

Mr. President

Place of Meditation
Abilene, KS
Eisenhower's buried here:
David Dwight: 10/14/1890 - 3/28/1969
Mamie Doud: 11/14/1890 - 11/1/1979
Doud Dwight: 9/24/1917 - 1/2/1921 [died of scarlet fever]

Also on the grounds is this statue.
His parents are buried North of town in the Abilene Cemetery.

Mother Bickerdyke Memorial Cemetery

Online and print searches state the women buried here were civil war nurses and widows.

Links for more information on Mary Ann Ball Bickerdyke:

Googling "Mother Bickerdyke" also brings up Google images.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

And a gift for...

Hey Diane, this one is for you!

You wouldn't believe how small it is.
James S. Jacobs
Lincoln Cemetery
Died 6/11/1891
Son of Henry & Mary Jacobs
His parents graves are unmarked

Home with treasures for me and gifts for...

I was too close not to stop and take these. They are for Sheri Fenley.

Lincoln Cemetery

Friday, July 24, 2009

Gone Hoppin'

I'm off for a quick weekend trip. We like to take day and weekend trips. This one is a short one, just a few hours away, but should still be fun. I spent a week researching the cemeteries I'd like to stop and visit. I found 9. Well, that's how many made the list. I thought any more would be pushing it.

Sophie will be taking my calls. She sleeps a lot so you may have to leave a message. I'm hoping to bring home a present for two other GYR's.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What does this symbolize?

Does anyone know what the middle symbol is for?
Could it be something to do with his job?
Please leave your answer in the comments area. Thanks!

Edgar E. Phillips is buried at Eastside Cemetery in Hutchinson.

The 1900 federal census states he is a carriage trimmer.
The 1905 state census states he is a carriage trimmer.
The 1910 federal census states he was a trimmer in the automobile industry.
The 1915 state census states he was an upholsterer - this is written over auto...[illegible].

It appears he was married at least twice.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

GYR Carnival: Favorite Photo

August 2009 Carnival
Feb 2012 Carnival

This was an easy choice for me. I already use my favorite photo as my blog footer. However, it is not the whole headstone but only the top portion.

The grave of Georgia Mustian Davis is located in the historic Linwood Cemetery in my hometown of Columbus, GA. I love to walk this cemetery when I visit.

My blog header photo was also taken at Linwood Cemetery. Below you can see the whole headstone for Georgia. [updated Feb 2012 - see previous header photo at the end of this post]

Update 7/22
What a small world we live in, sometimes. Only recently did I add the "follow me" option to my blog. What are the chances that one of the followers would be related to the favorite photo I posted for the August carnival? Thanks, Linda for leaving your comment about the connection!

Updated Feb 2012 for current GYR Carnival:

  • The top portion of the headstone is now my header photo. Before I had a landscape photo from this cemetery.
  • Linda also shared a photo of Georgia with me. Thanks again!

Previous header photo

Confederate soldier gets a headstone

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be present when John A. Beasley received a headstone for his unmarked grave. Since 1912 he has rested at Eastside Cemetery in Hutchinson, KS. Regardless of Union or Confederate all deserve to be remembered. His distant cousin, James Converse, has shared photos and family information with me that I will use to write an article for our genealogical society quarterly. Rest in peace, John.
James M. Converse [L] - distant cousin of John A. Beasley
Heath Roland [R]

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pink Cloud Day At The Cemetery

Fairview [Elmer] Cemetery

I've been trying to research the "why" to my photo experience in the cemetery today. I have had some poor pictures due to the position of the sun before, but in the thousands of cemetery and other outside photos I've taken through the years I have never had this happen to me. I snapped about 20 or so pictures and in all but a few the clouds are pink instead puffy white against the blue sky.
I'm sure if I Google long enough I'll find the scientific reason for it. At first I thought my camera was croaking on me, but if you look at anything else in the picture besides the clouds & sky, those areas look normal. I came home and snapped a few in the backyard and only 1 had a pink sky. I'm going to accept it as a gift. After I calmed down I found that I liked most of the photos.

Spooked Him!

I stopped in at Fairview [Elmer] Cemetery after lunch to retake a photo. Looks like I spooked this little fellow. sorry

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Death of Vivian Glancy

Tucked away by the low cement wall of Eastside Cemetery I came across a small headstone with a lamb on it. While that may not sound unusual it was the placement of the carving that made me take another look. What I found was the grave of a little girl. I wondered why she died. I stopped by our library to look for her obituary and found it.

Vivian, the little eight year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Glancy, died last evening at the home on North Main Street. She was quite ill with scarlet fever for several weeks but was thought to have recovered from that attack but complications arose less than a week ago and since then her condition has been critical. She is survived by her parents, a sister, Helen, and many other relatives. No funeral arrangments have been made, awaiting news from relatives.
The Hutchinson News, 12/2/1919

The funeral of little Vivian Glancy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Glancy, will be held tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock from the family home at 14th and Main. The little girl had been sick with scarlet fever several weeks ago, but had recovered and the house had been thoroughly fumigated and there is no danger whatever to anyone attending the funeral. The family desire it to be known the little girls death was due to complications following scarlet fever.
The Hutchinson News, 12/3/1919

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Survey Says...

As I read the blogs and web sites of others I pay attention to the words we choose to use, like:


Burying Ground

Family History, Etc.

Please register your vote on the poll in the left column. If you select other please use the comments section of this post to tell me what it is. And, feel free to comment on why you use the one that you do. Please ask your friends to vote too. Thanks!

Age Secret Cost $10

Nebraska Teacher Pays Fine for Balking Census Taker.

Lincoln, Neb. - Disclaiming any desire of placing herself in contempt of the census department of the United States or of appearing impertinent to an enumerator, Miss Sarah E. Peck, a member of the normal faculty of Union college paid a fine of $10 in the federal district court and thereby purged herself of an indictment brought against her. At the same time Miss Peck relieved herself of the necessity of revealing her age. Lewis Terry, the enumerator who complained against Miss Peck, charged that she refused him information on three occasions and that when he warned her that she was liable to a fine, replied that she had the money to pay it.
The Hutchinson News Weekly, 6/2/1910.

1910 Lancaster Co., NE Federal census
Enumerated 5/11/1910
Name of Instituion: Union College
Teacher: School

Is this unanswered or undisclosed?

I couldn't help but play this court scene out in my head. Leads I'm following may tell me more about Sarah. I'll post an update when I've researched a few things.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cemetery Critter

No, it's not a graveyard rabbit. It's a cemetery critter.
What have you seen in the cemetery?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Graves of Children

The graves of children always tug at my heart strings. Yesterday I had an opportunity to visit a cemetery in the next county. I had been here once before several years before I moved to this area. I'll write more about it in another post.

This is the grouping I stood before as the sun began to set.

Hebron Cemetery

Only partial names can be read on 3 of the graves:

Johnny Reimer
Marie Ediger

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Response to The Kansas Rabbit

Diane, over at The Kansas Rabbit, blogged and linked to a newspaper article about visiting cemeteries as day trips. I have photographed 3 of those mentioned. I posted the Martin Cemetery on April 14th. You can find it using the label KS: Stafford Co., which includes a post on Lucy Porter's gravestone shaped as a pillow.

Another mentioned was the GAR memorial in the Stafford Cemetery [KS: Stafford Co]. Here is that memorial.

The other was the GAR monument in Hillside Cemetery [Edwards Co]. Ironically, I am working on a post for a confederate soldier buried at Hillside and will post it soon. Here is the monument mentioned in the article.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Eastside Cemetery Graveyard Rabbit.
He was running late and didn't have time to visit.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Horse & Buggy Doctor

Dr. Arthur E. Hertzler is buried in the Halstead Cemetery. Behind his grave stands his daughter's headstone. To the right of his grave is the bench pictured below.
He was born in Iowa in 1870 and moved to Kansas with his parents when he was young. In 1902 he established the Halstead Hospital. In 1938 his memoir, entitled The Horse and Buggy Doctor was published. It gave a personal account of his experiences as a country doctor during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Dr. Hertzler retired in February 1946 and died later that year.