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Saturday, January 23, 2010

GYR Carnival - Cemetery Critters

My first post of a cemetery critter was in July 2009. It was, of course, a graveyard rabbit! I often encounter critters on my cemetery walks. Sometimes I photograph them.

My favorite cemetery critter photo is the one entitled "Life & Death". It is of a butterfly resting on a tombstone just below the word "died". There it was, life & death, together in the afternoon sun. It spoke to me.

The worst cemetery critter encounter was at the Rice Co., KS Poor Farm Cemetery. This cemetery is abandoned and sits a good half mile south of the county landfill, with no access road. After receiving permission to park on the property and make the hike I was greeted by a dead cow, or what was left of it. I tried very hard not to look, breathe or taste my chewing gum until I was finished photographing the small number of marked graves. Sorry, no photo to show you.

This particular photo was taken in rural Finney Co., KS at a Jewish Cemetery, that contains about 5 marked graves. Now, I'm glad I didn't encounter the thing that lived in this big hole, but look, real close, and you will see the tiny frog I met that day.

I hope you will click on the "Critters" label to see the others. Thanks for hopping by!

A few more critters

More to come...

I really am working on some posts. I want to do part 2 of Finding Robert soon. Keep hopping back to see me!

More Critters

St Mary's Cemetery
Rice Co., KS

It's been a while since I shared some of the critters from my cemetery walks.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Tombstone Photo of the Week

The stone is located in the Lincoln Cemetery.

Original Shaver homestead in Elkhorn Township. Built in 1871 by David Shaver being the family home for several years.
David Shaver [1846-1936] and at least 2 wives along with other Shaver's are buried in the lot.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Tombstone Photo of the Week

This headstone caught my eye at the Highland Cemetery in Lawton, OK. We spent Thanksgiving weekend visiting our son at Ft. Sill and he and my husband were nice guys and let me visit some cemeteries. My guys...what a couple of sweeties.

Francis E. Finigan
son of
F & J Finigan
1903 - 1907

Weep not Mother for me for I am waiting in glory for thee.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Indian Agency Cemetery

I first located this cemetery on a post map. I was saddened upon arriving to find all of the graves covered. According to the information on the sign a preservation project is underway to restore the cemetery.

Also known as Comanche Mission Cemetery
Located on post at Ft. Sill, OK

UPDATE 1/22/2010
A few days after I posted this I was contacted by someone working on the restoration project. Mr. Wahnne Clark has been working with military officials since 2006 to restore the cemetery. A web site is in the works to chronicle the history and events. www.indianagencycemetery.com