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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Changing Landscape

In December 2007 our town suffered a really bad ice storm. Many trees were lost and the landscape of our community changed, including our cemeteries. A few trees were repurposed at the Penwell-Gabel [old Memorial Park] Cemetery.

The one with the animals is in Petland

Monday, June 29, 2009

Survey Says...

I use the words Interment or Inter, but not everyone does.

******WHAT DO YOU USE?******

Interment –noun
the act or ceremony of interring; burial.
interment. Dictionary.com. Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1). Random House, Inc. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/interment (accessed: June 29, 2009).

Or this...

Inter –verb (used with object), -terred, -ter⋅ring.
1. to place (a dead body) in a grave or tomb; bury.
2. Obsolete. to put into the earth.
inter. Dictionary.com. Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1). Random House, Inc. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/inter (accessed: June 29, 2009).

The one I see most often is:

Internment –noun
1. an act or instance of interning.
2. the state of being interned; confinement.
internment. Dictionary.com. Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1). Random House, Inc. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/internment (accessed: June 29, 2009).

Or this...

Intern –verb (used with object)
1. to restrict to or confine within prescribed limits, as prisoners of war, enemy aliens, or combat troops who take refuge in a neutral country.
2. to impound or hold within a country until the termination of a war, as a ship of a belligerent that has put into a neutral port and remained beyond a limited period.
intern. Dictionary.com. Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1). Random House, Inc. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/intern (accessed: June 29, 2009).

[there is also a definition that includes a trainee or apprentice]

These spellings did not return any results
A. Inturnment
B. Inturment

A new one to me a few years back was Inurn. I saw it appearing in our newspaper obits here in Kansas. When my little sister died in 2007 I included this word in her obituary and was told by the newspaper in Georgia that it was not a proper term. Huh? It was not worth the hassle during such a sad time that I just re-worded it.

Inurn –verb (used with object)
1. to put into an urn, esp. ashes after cremation.
2. to bury; inter.
inurnment. Dictionary.com. Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1). Random House, Inc. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/inurnment (accessed: June 29, 2009).

Who Are You?

This is [only] one of the saddest headstones I've found. Someone cared enough to have the cross placed on this grave and even embed the little doll into the stone but no where can I find a name for the person buried here. I am assuming it is a baby or child.
This grave is located in the Eastside Cemetery in Hutchinson, KS. I spend a lot of time here for a multi-level project that two of us are working on. We typed all of the paper records for the city and for our genealogical society and are now walking each lot noting the burials with and without headstones. All of this will eventually find its way to the society web site. The grave is also in the original Potter's Field, where even though there may be an interment record there isn't always a location recorded. I'm in the process of analyzing about 130 years worth of records to reconstruct what I can. My eyes scan the cemetery for this marker each time I enter it.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Second Look

It wasn't until I looked through these pictures again from Attica Cemetery that I realized this was not a Rock of Ages headstone. It's a sweet remembrance for a young woman. My trip to this cemetery was unusual in that it is an hour and half from my house. My husband, being the good sport that he is when it comes to visiting cemeteries, drove with me to find this particular cemetery to see the Nathan Grigsby lot that I had heard about. Click on the label to find that headstone.

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Good Clue

Now why can't I get help like this in my genealogy?
"Left his wife and seven children to mourn his death, at rest"

Jesse B. Harris
12/20/1860 - 12/4/1911
Riverdale Cemetery, Columbus, GA

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Frances Rohrer

Frances Elizabeth
Daughter of
John G & Josephine Rohrer
Born: 12/17/1888
Died: 3/21/1902
Buried: Mt. Olive Cemetery, Pittsburg, Crawford Co., KS

I could only find a Francis Rohrer, age 11, born Dec. 1888, in the household of Peter Rodenberger household on N. Grand Avenue in the 1900 Pittsburg, Crawford Co., KS Federal census. Her mother Josephine is on the same base and she died in 1936. It's possible the father is buried close by and I missed him.

DCW Videos

I've been experimenting with videos, mostly for my genealogical society. After investing in a video software I found that I liked the simple one that came with my computer better. It doesn't have many bells and whistles but I don't need a degree to figure out how to use it. What I do like about it is that I can take digital photos and create a video from them. I do own a camcorder now but find it impossible to visit some of these cemeteries again or often.

I have added a video bar to the side column and uploaded two short videos. Or, you can link to the YouTube channel for Digital Cemetery Walk directly.

I plan to keep my videos short, under 3 minutes, so you won't fall asleep! Should one warrant more time, well, that's okay too!

Blog Highlighted

I am honored to have my blog highlighted by Laurie over at The Graveyard Detective. I am inspired by so many other cemetery bloggers, including Laurie. Thanks, Laurie!

The photos used in my header and footer are from the historic Linwood Cemetery in my hometown of Columbus, GA. I love to walk this cemetery when I go home to visit.

I am captivated by the symbolism found on headstones. You see cemeteries in a new way when you stand before a grave and silently ask "what am I being told about you?".

Through my AGS membership I have come to know Richard Waterhouse. He shares his love of symbolism through a monthly newsletter. I had the opportunity to interview him for our genealogical society quarterly. You can read a copy on his web site. Click on the Symbols in the Cemetery article. You will also find his newsletter back issues on his site too.

Have you visited a cemetery today?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cemetery & Photo Count Update

I had an opportunity to visit a small pioneer cemetery while out of town. Add Eakins Cemetery in Denton Co., TX to my previous list.

Updated Count:
118 cemeteries represented by 16,828 photos

Even though I try to delete duplicates I know within some folders I may have some that I resized for posting online.

See my previous post with the same label for more information.

Sea of Coping - Riverdale Cemetery

The Riverdale Cemetery in Columbus, GA has to be one of the hardest cemeteries to maintain. When you look out across the cemetery your gaze falls upon a sea of coping, for most lots within a section are divided by it. Last fall I heard the city is working to establish a foundation that would cover Riverdale, Porterdale and East Porterdale. I hope so! My mother and 3 of my sisters are buried here, along with my grandmother, Great grandmother and other relatives.

Steinbeck - Pioneer Family

The Steinbeck family burials occupy the west section of 2 lots at Eastside Cemetery. The surname headstone states "members of Reno County Pioneer family 1848". Reno County wasn't officially established until 1872. There are 10 family members buried here.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Charlie Martin

We spent a long weekend in Ponder, Texas. I had the opportunity to take a quick visit to Eakins Cemetery. Here is the grave of Charlie Martin 2/12/1902 - 6/10/1905. I did find a few transcriptions online for this cemetery. All have his death year as 1903 but enlarging the close-up headstone photo clearly shows it as 1905.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cemetery Photographs

My love of cemeteries developed through genealogy but it wasn't until the last few years that I really noticed the beauty that can be found in a cemetery. In the beginning my visits were limited to locating specific people, photographing the headstone for my records and leaving. That, however, changed along the way. Now I find that I will stop and visit any cemetery regardless of a family connection [and these days most have no connection].

I was curious of just how many cemeteries I have taken photographs in [that I have a record of] - so I decided to look. I also noted I began to take more photos after I purchased my first digital camera, no longer needing to be conservative with film and developing costs.

I keep all of my computer files organized in folders so pulling this information was easy. I have photographs for 116 cemeteries that I have visited. These 116 cemeteries total 16,687 photos. Of those 12, 238 are in the Kansas county that I live in. We have 54 cemeteries and so far I have completely photographed 34 and partially photographed the remaining. 3 are really large of which 2 may never get done completely but the other one is currently a special project I'm working on with a friend for our genealogical society web site. I also have 1,280 photos that others have shared with me over the years. And, I have a photo box that have several hundred taken on film.

Here is my list as of today.
**[Added one 6/18 - new count is 117 cemeteries w/ 16, 745 photos]

Cemetery, County, State
Abbyville, Reno, KS
Amish, Reno, KS
Antioch, Reno, KS
Arlington, Reno, KS
Attica, Harper, KS
Bainum, Reno, KS
Baker, Reno, KS
Baxter Springs, Cherokee, KS
Beallwood, Muscogee, GA
Buhler, Reno, KS
Buhler Municipal, Reno, KS
Burrton, Harvey , KS
Calvary, Crawford, KS
Campground, Holmes, FL
Cedar Hill, Terrell, GA
Cottonwood, Rice, KS
East Porterdale, Muscogee, GA
Eastside, Reno, KS
Elmwood, Montgomery, KS
Enterprise City, Coffee, AL
Evergreen, Muscogee, GA
Fairlawn Burial Park, Reno, KS
Fairview, Montgomery, KS
Fairview [Albion], Reno, KS
Fairview [Elmer], Reno, KS
Fairview Methodist, Reno, KS
Fairview Park, Stafford, KS
Flat Creek, Geneva, AL
Ft. Dodge, Ford, KS
Ft. Scott National, Bourbon, KS
Glendale, Reno, KS
Glenwood, Washington, FL
Grace Meadow, Marion, KS
Graceland, Meade, KS
Halsted, Harvey, KS
Haven Priest, Reno, KS
Hayes Township, Reno, KS
Hazen, Reno, KS
Hebron, Harvey, KS
Highland Park, Crawford, KS
Hillside, Edwards, KS
Hoffnungsau, McPherson, KS
Hunt Shive, Harvey, KS
Hurricane Creek, Holmes, FL
Iola, Allen, KS
Kinsley, Edwards, KS
Langdon Old, Reno, KS
Laurel, Reno, KS
Lerado, Reno, KS
Linwood, Muscogee, GA
Little River Township, Reno, KS
Lodiana, Rice, KS
Lone Star, Reno, KS
Lutheran, Reno, KS
Maple Hill Langdon, Reno, KS
Maranatha, Reno, KS
Martin, Stafford, KS
Mitchell, Reno, KS
Morgan Methodist, Calhoun, GA
Mt. Ida, Holmes, FL
Mt. Olive, Crawford, KS
New Bethel, Terrell, GA
New Hope, Houston, AL
New Providence, Houston, AL
Park Hill, Muscogee, GA
Partridge, Reno, KS
Pawnee Rock, Barton, KS
Peace Bethel, Reno, KS
Peace Creek, Reno, KS
Peace Valley, Reno, KS
Peaceful Acres, Covington, AL
Penwell Gabel, Reno, KS
Plainview Amish, Reno, KS
Pleasant Hill - Loda, Reno, KS
Pleasant Hill - Ninnescah, Reno, KS
Pleasant Ridge, Johnson, KS
Pleasant View - Darlow, Reno, KS
Pleasant View - Huntsville, Reno, KS
Plevna, Reno, KS
Ponce DeLeon, Holmes, FL
Porterdale, Muscogee, GA
Pretty Prairie Mennonite, Reno, KS
Ramah PBC, Houston, AL
Reese Baptist, Geneva, AL
Reformatory, Reno, KS
Rehobeth, Houston , AL
Restlawn, Montgomery, KS
Rice Co Poor Farm, Rice, KS
Riverdale, Muscogee, GA
Rockville, Rice, KS
S. Inman, McPherson, KS
Salem, Reno, KS
Salem Orphans Home, Marion, KS
Schooley, Reno, KS
Sego, Reno, KS
Shirly, Crawford, KS
Simmons, Chase, KS
Smith, Houston, AL
St. Agnes Catholic, Reno, KS
St. Aloysius, Crawford, KS
St. Joseph Catholic , Reno, KS
St. Joseph Highland, Clark, KS
St. Louis, Kingman, KS
St. Paul Lutheran, Reno, KS
Stafford, Stafford, KS
Sterling Community, Rice, KS
Sterling Mennonite, Reno, KS
Sweet Gum Head, Holmes, FL
Sylvia, Reno, KS
Tabernacle, Geneva, AL
Thiessen Old, Reno, KS
Turon, Reno, KS
Valley Township, Reno, KS
Westminster Old, Reno, KS
Wildmead, Reno, KS
Yoder Amish, Reno, KS
Yoder Mennonite, Reno, KS

A lot of these can be seen using the Photos 1 & Photos 2 links.

I guess I really do like cemeteries!

Kinsley Cemetery

This was the first cemetery established for Kinsley. It's history is sad but it has been remembered and maintained.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Albert K. Clopton

Albert K. Clopton
December 14, 1877 - May 12, 1879

Albert's grave is located in the historic Linwood Cemetery, in my hometown of Columbus, GA. His is just one of the many beautiful headstones you will discover at Linwood. Thankfully, his parents [or someone] marked his brief time on earth. So many times children were born and died in a time period where records may not exist outside of the family bible. Often times their headstone may be the only record of their life.

What was his middle name? What dreams did his parents have for him. Say his name out loud and remember Albert today.