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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Age Secret Cost $10

Nebraska Teacher Pays Fine for Balking Census Taker.

Lincoln, Neb. - Disclaiming any desire of placing herself in contempt of the census department of the United States or of appearing impertinent to an enumerator, Miss Sarah E. Peck, a member of the normal faculty of Union college paid a fine of $10 in the federal district court and thereby purged herself of an indictment brought against her. At the same time Miss Peck relieved herself of the necessity of revealing her age. Lewis Terry, the enumerator who complained against Miss Peck, charged that she refused him information on three occasions and that when he warned her that she was liable to a fine, replied that she had the money to pay it.
The Hutchinson News Weekly, 6/2/1910.

1910 Lancaster Co., NE Federal census
Enumerated 5/11/1910
Name of Instituion: Union College
Teacher: School

Is this unanswered or undisclosed?

I couldn't help but play this court scene out in my head. Leads I'm following may tell me more about Sarah. I'll post an update when I've researched a few things.

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