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Friday, July 3, 2009

Project Value

This photo was taken today, 7/3/2009
Sylvia Cemetery

Today, I made a 50 mile round trip to look for the grave of someone I'm doing a case study on. The cemetery I visited is on my partially photographed list. (See label "photograph data", post dated 6/17, for more information). While there I noticed a headstone I remembered photographing on my visit in July 2006. As I got closer I was saddened to see that the photo was no longer visible on this headstone.

This was yet another reminder of the value in my attempt to photograph the cemeteries where I live. Despite the heat, bug bites, sunburn, twisted ankles, desolate dirt roads, cow poop, prairie grass, well - you get the idea, I am doing my part in preserving the silent cities of Reno County, Kansas. So, remember with each click of the button you too are doing your part.
These photos were taken July 2006

[BTW: The Silent Cities of Reno County, Kansas is the name of my book in progress]

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