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Monday, August 24, 2009

To be laid in the dust

I purchased the DVD set "Ancestors, Discovering Your Heritage" to use in a program for our genealogical society. Episode 201, "Records at Risk" opens with an excerpt from the diary of Joseph Kemp, dated April 1, 1853-

"It is now night and all silent. I am here alone and in silence all my past friends with all my relations fall heavy on my mind. They are all gone, and I too must soon follow. To be laid in the dust in the silent grave and there to be forever forgotten makes the cold chills run over my whole body. I have a hope beyond the grave. That hope is that when I am consigned to my grave, that someone on the earth might remember me."
Wow! That made my heart heavy for Joseph. Does this convey your feelings too? It does mine.
Pictured: Unknown grave at Geneseo Cemetery.

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  1. Oh My! It sure does make me think. I must get out and visit more graves. How can I go any faster? That is a great passage. Thanks for sharing it.


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