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Saturday, January 23, 2010

GYR Carnival - Cemetery Critters

My first post of a cemetery critter was in July 2009. It was, of course, a graveyard rabbit! I often encounter critters on my cemetery walks. Sometimes I photograph them.

My favorite cemetery critter photo is the one entitled "Life & Death". It is of a butterfly resting on a tombstone just below the word "died". There it was, life & death, together in the afternoon sun. It spoke to me.

The worst cemetery critter encounter was at the Rice Co., KS Poor Farm Cemetery. This cemetery is abandoned and sits a good half mile south of the county landfill, with no access road. After receiving permission to park on the property and make the hike I was greeted by a dead cow, or what was left of it. I tried very hard not to look, breathe or taste my chewing gum until I was finished photographing the small number of marked graves. Sorry, no photo to show you.

This particular photo was taken in rural Finney Co., KS at a Jewish Cemetery, that contains about 5 marked graves. Now, I'm glad I didn't encounter the thing that lived in this big hole, but look, real close, and you will see the tiny frog I met that day.

I hope you will click on the "Critters" label to see the others. Thanks for hopping by!

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