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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Amish Cemetery Walk

This stone is located in the far corner of the cemetery. It reads:
15 children moved from Ford Co., KS in 1937
Infant daughter of Isaiah Schrock 1905
Benjamin, son of Crist D. Bontrager 1907
Infant daughter of Joni J. Miller 1909
Elizabeth, daughter of Crist D. Bontrager 1910
Savilla, daughter of Dave Plank 1910
Infant son of Abe Coblentz 1911
Infant daughter of D. A. Miller 1911
Moses, son of Mose J. Troyer 1914
Infant daughter of Perry Troyer 1914
Henry, son of Joe Stutzman 1914
Samuel, son of Edward J. Hochstetler 1914
Perry, son of M. R. Yoder 1914
Infant son of David C. Bontrager
Mary & Martha, twins of Peter Wagler 1916
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  1. Gale,
    I feel a lot of sorrow here and it has not lessened with the passage of time. Very moving.


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