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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Saved from Potters Field

The I.O.O.F. provided a burial lot so that member J. A. Woolery's infant would not have to be buried in the potters field section of Eastside Cemetery. Sadly, the infant and 2 other Woolery's buried there do not have headstones.

Hutchinson Daily News
2/12/1887, Page 1

Just a few months later J. A. himself would pass away.

Hutchinson Daily News
4/20/1887, Page 2

Having access to the interment records and lot cards I obtained the following information:

Lot 474 - Woolery Burials

Deeded to IOOF Reno Lodge 99
Infant Woolery, 3 months old, died of Colic 2/10/1887, child of J. A. and L. E. Woolery.

E. A. Woolery, born 1844 in Ohio, died of Consumption, 4/16/1887 .
[I think E.A. was a recording error as this date coincides with the death notice for J. A.]

Mrs. Woolery, born 1850, died of Consumption, 9/3/1887.
[I can only assume this is the wife of J. A. due to the fact she is buried beside him. I could not find a death notice/obituary for her.]

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