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Saturday, April 24, 2010

GYR Carnival - Cause of Death

Alexander & Valentine Goodall, along with Joshua Crowther, lost their lives in a fishing expedition. The men had taken a day off from work with others and chose a fishing spot northeast of town [Salina, KS] at the junctions of the Smoky Hill and Saline Rivers. Joshua Goodall volunteered to swim a net across the river and fasten to the bank on the other side. It was thought he developed a cramp and began flailing for help. Royal Calkin, George Garvin and Alexander Goodall tried to help. Alexander became entangled in the net and Valentine Goodall tried to save him. All three drowned on May 27, 1871.

- Valentine left a wife and five children.
- Alexander left a wife and newborn baby.
- Elizabeth Crowther was left with her seven children. James Muir, a member of the fishing party and one of the five town founders for Salina, sold the widow an acre of his land for one dollar to offer aid.

Located in the same cemetery is the grave of Henry H. Morrison. His headstone states he died from bullet wounds he received August 27, 1899 at the battle of the Rio Grand.

I think the cause of death most often listed on a tombstone is when a person died in military service. Those I have found that listed other causes left me thinking about the grief of the family. How they felt it necessary to tell those of us to visit in the future how this person died.

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Gypsum Hill Cemetery

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