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Monday, April 26, 2010

A Look Inside

I don't see many individual mausoleums where I live. So when I do find them I like to peek inside those that have windows in the door.

This one has a nice stained glass window. This cemetery has several.

Gypsum Hill Cemetery

Buried here is Winfield W. Watson. He was born in Indiana in 1848. He was a businessman, a wholesale grocer and known for two primary contributions to history involving non-business achievements. He was among the first to support the Good Roads cause in Kansas, a nation-wide movement seeking to improve country roads and establish a highway system. In 1911 he joined the Meridian Road Association, serving as President of the Kansas Division helping to finance the first markers for the gravel road that stretched from Winnipeg, Canada to Mexico City. The Meridian Highway is today largely the route of Highway 81 and the first road completed across Kansas. Watson also was the primary supporter and financial contributor to the building of Salina's Fox Watson Theatre. He was unable to attend the opening in 1931 due to the amputation of one of his legs. He died 10 months later.

Gypsum Hill Cemetery Historical Walk.

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