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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So much loss

Recently I visited a cemetery in the county next door. One stone stood out, not because of its shape, but because of the number of deaths listed on its four sides. 10 names. The family of William F. Stevens. The Sedgwick County KSGenWeb posted his biography online and it provides a good amount of information on his background, 3 wives and children. I have not found his death and burial location. If I do I'll post an update.

Stevens Plot
Eldridge Cemetery

May V., died 10/21/1879, 6y 2m 16d
Mark E., died 7/23/1878, 1y 1m 8d
Ivon I., died 8/24/1876, 8m 25d
Children of WF & DA Stevens
Isaac R., died 11/24/1879, 24y 10m 16d
Charles W., 3/16/1882, 21y 10m 21d
Arthur C., died 5/12/1873, 4y 8m 4d
George W., died 4/6/1871, 4d
Children of WF & SE Stevens
Curtis T., died 1/18/1886, 1y 9m 1d
Son of WF & AM Stevens
Sarah E., died 5/13/1871 30y
Wife of WF Stevens

Dorcas A., died 7/30/1877, 31y 11d
Wife of WF Stevens
Such grief did one man bear. In a 15 year time span he lost 2 wives and 8 children. His children that lived to maturity are mentioned in the biography I linked to above.

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