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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Beautiful Cemetery Photography

Cemetery Photography by John Thomas Grant
Many of you know of the great cemetery photography by John Thomas Grant. He is working on his book, Final Thoughts, that will be released in 2011. For those of you that may not know of him - you must visit his website. Recently I left a comment on one of his Facebook posts about how his photos spoke to me and he asked that I explain. I thought about it a day or two and realized I didn't need a long winded wordy response. This is what I shared with him:

Cemeteries offer an afternoon of discovery. Beauty and art is waiting to be found in the old stones, statues, epitaphs and landscape. Perhaps what each of us find is different. You capture them in a manner that gives them a voice. This is what I hear:

“Call my name out loud”

“Stay awhile”

“I am the shoulders on which you stand”

Beckoning: “Remember me”

Perhaps even a whisper of “thanks for stopping by”.
Most of my photographs are taken to preserve and share via the internet on websites and blogs. Among those are many interesting gravestones discovered on my walk that I share with you here at Digital Cemetery Walk. Some days though I long to capture the beauty found in the cemetery. Sometimes, I get lucky and come home with a snapshot of the beauty I saw that day. JT Grant does exactly that. I hope you will stop by and visit him soon.

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