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Monday, July 5, 2010

Cemetery Cat

Cemetery Cat - Kelly Cemetery

I survived a whole week on the lake in New York without TV, cable or internet - with the exception of my Blackberry. I am thankful I had that access to the outside world. My son is serving in Afghanistan and his base was hit on Wednesday and he was in combat. Thankfully he called to tell me instead of me seeing it in the news.

While we played tourist in NY I also got to see many of the local cemeteries. My favorite was the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. An hour wasn't enough to absorb it all. On the edge of the property is the Old Dutch Church Burying Ground. Finally I was able to see some of the old stones I see on other blogs and in books.

Now I have to play catch-up. Why do we need a vacation to recover from vacation? I did stop by and visit the blogs I follow and enjoyed the posts. I hope to bring you some interesting posts in the days ahead.

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  1. So glad you heard from your son! I'll be looking forward to seeing photos from the cemeteries you visited.


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