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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Walks Updated

I have updated my "Walks" page with the New York cemeteries I visited last week. I will share them in future posts and upload to my online albums. You can view the photos I took for the gravesite of President Roosevelt online.

  • NY, Dutchess: Roosevelt - President
  • NY, New York: St. Paul's Chapel
  • NY, Putnam: 1st Presbyterian
  • NY, Putnam: Ballard Barrett
  • NY, Putnam: Barrett Free
  • NY, Putnam: Chuang Yen Monastery
  • NY, Putnam: Crane 
  • NY, Putnam: Gilead 
  • NY, Putnam: Hill 
  • NY, Putnam: Kelly 
  • NY, Putnam: Long Pond [cremains @ Miller's] 
  • NY, Putnam: Mt. Carmel Baptist 
  • NY, Putnam: Old Baptist 
  • NY, Putnam: Raymond Hill
  • NY, Putnam: Union Halstead 
  • NY, Westchester: Old Dutch Church 
  • NY, Westchester: Sleepy Hollow

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