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Friday, September 17, 2010

Other Things

When on a cemetery outing I photograph more than just tombstones. Today I was able to spend the entire day on many cemetery walks. I thought I'd share with you the other things I saw today while exploring.

Now, let me first explain to you that I am a Dixie transplant. There is no place more beautiful than my beloved South. I have left behind my Georgia piney woods and now call the Kansas prairie winds home. I do find a beauty unique to this area with the wind farms, burning fields, oil rigs, and flat landscape. I often encounter horses, cows, goats and some not so nice critters on my walks.

When I arrive at a new cemetery I take time to really look at my surroundings. These shots were taken from either inside a cemetery or outside the entrance. I would love to see what else you found on your cemetery walk.


  1. Ah pump jacks. I grew up in West Texas, they were every where, and haven't seen any of those in a long time.

    Great pics! I'm working on a post with all the interesting buildings I find along the way. I have a ton of abandond delapidate building pics.

  2. Great photos! I especially love the gravestones + horses.


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