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Friday, January 7, 2011

Left Behind

Juan Diaz - Final

The headstone of Juan Diaz is one of few that dot the section of ground at Eastside Cemetery known as the city ground. This is the original potter's field.

If Juan was a wealthy man why was he buried in the potter's field section? My guess is because he was Mexican. Of the few marked graves in this section most are a mexican name.

Interment record for Juan
Signed by R. O. Slayton - Poor Commissioner

I visited the grave of Juan Diaz on 1/6

They never came back for him. He was left behind. I wonder why his family didn't take him back home?

Rest in peace, Juan Diaz.

Here is the last article I found about him:

Tales of the Day

Out in East Side cemetery lies the remains of a Mexican, a man of education and wealth, named Diaz a distant relative of former President Diaz of Mexico.

He and some other Mexicans were on their way to Spain, making the trip overland via the Rock Island’s Golden State Limited. Mr. Diaz was taken sick on the train, removed here, and died at a local hotel. His remains were laid at rest in the cemetery here. “I never knew finer people than the folks with him,” said Mr. Johnson, who handled the case at the time, as undertaker. “They were highly educated, gentle and refined. If all Mexicans were like them I am sure we’d be having no trouble.”

The Hutchinson News 7/19/1916

Note: The other 2 articles state he died on the train and that his family were guests at the Chalmers hotel.
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