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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hero of Frontier Days

Thomas J. Smith was the Marshall of Abilene, Kansas for 5 months in 1870. While attempting to make an arrest he was shot and nearly decaptiated with an axe. Using Google I found bits and pieces on his murder.

Abilene Cemetery

Thomas J. Smith
Marshall of Abilene, 1870
Died, a martyr to duty, Nov 2nd, 1870
A fearless hero of frontier days,
Who in cowboy chaos
established the supremacy of law.

In 1871 Andrew McConnell and Moses Miles were convicted in the death of the Marshall. Andrew was convicted of first degree manslaughter, received 12 years and was discharged on 1/12/1881. Moses was convicted of first degree murder, received 16 years but was pardoned by the governor and discharged 1/2/1877 after serving only 6 years.

The following links give us a photo and insight to the short life of Thomas.
Questions I'm left with:
What became of Andrew?
What became of Moses?
Why was Moses pardoned?

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  1. I found this story really fascinating, Gale and followed up all the links you kindly provided. Thank you!


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