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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mary's Autograph Book - Part 2

I found a few treasures inside the autograph book last night. I can't wait to share them with you in a future post.

I wish Mary Hill was my ancestor. What a treasure this little book is. It saddens me that it found its way to an antique store. Most likely the result of an estate sale clean-out. [Just an assumption]

Today I am sharing an outline of her family and census abstracts. I love being able to fill in all the years available with the Kansas federal and state census. Census are one of my favorite research tools for genealogy. Snapshots in time.

Mary Abigal Hill married Robinson Bramwell

11/16/1887 at the home of DF Swander in Reno County, Kansas

Children: All buried at Fairview Cemetery – same as parents.
  • Helen V.: 1891 – 1891 [in same lot with Mary, Robinson & Warren]*
  • Sidney Hill: 1888 - 1976
  • Warren Fay: 1892 - 1909 [drowned]
  • Leo Vern: 1894 - 1979
*I assume this to be Mary's daughter based on the census question of number of children born and number living and the fact this infant is buried in the same lot with Mary. The cemetery records show Helen as born on 4/3/1891 and died on 6/28/1891. Her death is also recorded as 6/28 in the Reno County Kansas Deaths Index 1890-1911.

Mother: Catherine L. Wright Hill Swander. I found the maiden name Wright in an online tree at Ancestry.com.
Father: ? [one tree has Sam W. but I would like to research this a little more].

Federal & State Census for Mary A. Hill Bramwell 
  • 1870 Wood Co., OH: Mary Hill, 9 years old. [Catherine & Samuel Hill].
  • 1880 Reno Co., KS: Mary Hill, 18 [step dau of DF Swander].
  • 1885 Reno Co., KS: Mary Hill, 23 [home of DF & CL Swander].
  • 1895 Reno Co., KS: M. A. Bramwell, 33. R 37, SH 7, FW 2, LV 6m.
  • 1900 Reno Co., KS: Mary A. Bramwell, 38. 3 of 4 children living. Roberson, 42. Sidney H., 11, Warren F. 7, Leo V., 5. Three sons.
  • 1905 Reno Co., KS: Mary A. Bramwell 43. R 47, SH 16, FW 12, Leo 10.
  • 1910 Reno Co., KS: Mary A. Bramwell 48. 2 of 4 children living. Robert 52, Sidney H 21 married 0, Pearl F. DIL 19, Leo V 15.
  • 1915 Comanche Co., KS: Mary A. Bramwell 53. R 57, Leo 20.
  • 1920 Comanche Co., KS: Mary Abigal Bramwell, 58. Robison 62.
  • 1925 Comanche Co., KS: Mary A. Bramwell 63, Robert 67.
  • 1930 Comanche Co., KS: Mary A. Bramwell, R 72. Own a radio
A few pages are like this:
More to come. Stay tuned.

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  1. This is proving a really interesting journey, Gale. Roll on the next episode!


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