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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cemetery Closed

Are you kidding me? Let's hope the city and preservation groups involved can save this cemetery.

Thanks to Stephanie at Southern Graves for sharing this link on facebook.

Huge Historic Cemetery Shuts Down : MyFoxPHILLY.com


  1. This is just outrageous, hopefully this will be resolved fast. How horrible this whole situation must be for family and friends of the departed buried there.

  2. Wow this is truly horrible for all those involved! My parents and grandparents are buried in a small local cemetery and they just recently widened the road by it, making it nearly impossible to get in there and put flowers, etc. I so wish they had been buried elsewhere as I feel like it's not truly a resting place at all anymore!


  3. Absolutely unbelievable! I hope the local historic society gets involved. So not right!


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