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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Remembering Walter

In the Old Langdon Cemetery lies a crumbled tombstone. Thankfully, someone placed a metal marker on the grave so that we would know the person resting there.

Usually I will see an interesting or sad headstone and look for an obituary or other record to learn more about the person. This time I came across the obituary and checked to see if our genealogical society had the death recorded and if I had a photo since this cemetery has been completely photographed. And my answer was yes to both of those questions.

We know his name is Walter from the marker. Perhaps the original stone also had his name on it. This little guy died a horrible death.

Obituary of Walter Dillard
G. M. Dillard’s little boy, about sixteen months old, pulled a bowl of boiling turnip broth over into its face, on last Monday, and was so badly scalded by it that he died on Wednesday. The mother had just set it out of his reach, as she thought. He was buried in the Langdon cemetery on Thursday. Dr. A. B. Fryrear preaching his funeral. The bereaved parents have the sympathies of a large circle of friends. B. P. Hanan, April 12, 1880.

The Hutchinson News
April 22, 1880

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  1. That one is a heartbreaker.


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