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Friday, September 16, 2011

Horace King: Emancipated

A few articles I found on Horace King

Realizing that King could be taken from him to settle debts with his creditors, Godwin arranged with Robert Jemison to petition the Alabama General Assembly for King's release from slavery. Jemison succeeded, and on February 3, 1846, Horace King became a free man.
Alton Telegraph [IL]

Daily Sentinel and Gazette [OH]

Carroll Co Times [GA]

Carroll Co Times [GA]

Educated at home by private tutors and on the job by their father, the King boys learned their father's trade by working with him in the Godwin construction and milling firms during the Civil War. Following the war, King and his sons formed their own construction business, the King Brothers Bridge Company. Later, Annie Elizabeth also worked for the family firm.
Atlanta Constitution [GA]

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