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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Tomochichi (to-mo-chi-chi') (c. 1644 – October 5, 1739) was a seventeenth century Creek leader and the head chief of a Yamacraw town on the site of present day Savannah, Georgia. He remains a prominent character of early Georgia history. As the principal mediator between the native population and the new English settlers during the first years of settlement, he contributed much to the establishment of peaceful relations between the two groups and to the ultimate success of Georgia.

Tomochichi and nephew Toonahawi
Tomochichi died on October 5, 1739, and while sources differ over his exact age, historians and contemporary observers generally agree that he was in his late nineties.

His gravesite was desecrated and destroyed in 1883 by the Central of Georgia Railroad when they constructed a monument to their founder, William Gordon, directly on top of Tomochichi's grave. Outraged by this insult to Tomochichi, Gordon's own daughter-in-law, Nellie Gordon, had a new monument to his memory, a large granite boulder with a decorative copper plate, was installed southeast of the original structure on April 21, 1899, by the Colonial Dames of America.The Georgia Historical Commission later placed a large marker in Savannah's Wright Square, which details the achievements of the Yamacraw chieftain.             Extracted from Wikipedia.

Wright Square
Savannah, GA

More information at:
New Georgia Encyclopedia

I purchased a walking tour book that included a photo of his original burial mound. If I can find it in the public domain I will edit this post.

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