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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sisco Sisters

Carrie & Olive Sisco
Doyle Valley Cemetery
Marion County, Kansas

Did these 2 siblings die of the same illness just weeks apart?
How tragic to lose not one, but two children like this.

I have never seen this cemetery art before. Have you?


  1. I've seen doves before, but I've never seen two birds come together at a..birdbath? urn? How very interesting.

  2. My Mom's family are all from Marion KS then moved to Colorado and I came back to Kansas :) I have been to this Cemetery. We saw art like this in the Cemetary our baby niece was buried in back in September of 12' - Heather Schlatter

  3. What an interesting way to view history! For me, these would all engender ideas for stories or articles to write. Fascinating. Thanks for posting

    1. Thanks, Nancy. I do get caught up in the stories behind the stones a lot of times. I hope you'll stop by again! How did you find me?

  4. Hi,

    I'm not sure if you might have already followed up on this or not, but I came across a photo posted by Betty Saltenberger, back in 2009 at findagrave.com. It was under the names Mary J and J M Sisco at the same cemetery. I am wondering if the two girls in the photo are Carrie and Olive Sisco. I like to be able to put a face with the name when it's possible. Maybe Ms. Saltenberger would be able to give you more information on the girls and their family. I hope you will find this informative.

    Kristy Howard


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