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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday's Child: Annie Lawton

Annie is the daughter of Mary Craig and Major General Henry W. Lawton, who led the pursuit of Geronimo in 1886.

Buried: Ft. Huachuca Post Cemetery, Cochise County, AZ. Section 3, Lot 55

Based on a letter written by her mother, (linked below) weeks after Annie's death it is a good guess that she was under the age of 2.

Annie's parents are buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

Annie Lawton Grave

Annie Lawton Grave
Died April 26, 1887
Annie Lawton Grave

Please take time to read this heartbreaking letter that Mary wrote to her mother the month following Annie's death. Perhaps Annie was named after her grandmother, Mary's mother, Annie Craig.

Major General Lawton was killed in 1899. In the 1900 Jefferson County, KY federal census Mary Lawton is widowed with 4 children at home. The census record states she has 4 of 7 children living. If Annie is one of them I wonder where the other two were buried since they moved around a lot with his military career.

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