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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cemetery Photographs

My love of cemeteries developed through genealogy but it wasn't until the last few years that I really noticed the beauty that can be found in a cemetery. In the beginning my visits were limited to locating specific people, photographing the headstone for my records and leaving. That, however, changed along the way. Now I find that I will stop and visit any cemetery regardless of a family connection [and these days most have no connection].

I was curious of just how many cemeteries I have taken photographs in [that I have a record of] - so I decided to look. I also noted I began to take more photos after I purchased my first digital camera, no longer needing to be conservative with film and developing costs.

I keep all of my computer files organized in folders so pulling this information was easy. I have photographs for 116 cemeteries that I have visited. These 116 cemeteries total 16,687 photos. Of those 12, 238 are in the Kansas county that I live in. We have 54 cemeteries and so far I have completely photographed 34 and partially photographed the remaining. 3 are really large of which 2 may never get done completely but the other one is currently a special project I'm working on with a friend for our genealogical society web site. I also have 1,280 photos that others have shared with me over the years. And, I have a photo box that have several hundred taken on film.

Here is my list as of today.
**[Added one 6/18 - new count is 117 cemeteries w/ 16, 745 photos]

Cemetery, County, State
Abbyville, Reno, KS
Amish, Reno, KS
Antioch, Reno, KS
Arlington, Reno, KS
Attica, Harper, KS
Bainum, Reno, KS
Baker, Reno, KS
Baxter Springs, Cherokee, KS
Beallwood, Muscogee, GA
Buhler, Reno, KS
Buhler Municipal, Reno, KS
Burrton, Harvey , KS
Calvary, Crawford, KS
Campground, Holmes, FL
Cedar Hill, Terrell, GA
Cottonwood, Rice, KS
East Porterdale, Muscogee, GA
Eastside, Reno, KS
Elmwood, Montgomery, KS
Enterprise City, Coffee, AL
Evergreen, Muscogee, GA
Fairlawn Burial Park, Reno, KS
Fairview, Montgomery, KS
Fairview [Albion], Reno, KS
Fairview [Elmer], Reno, KS
Fairview Methodist, Reno, KS
Fairview Park, Stafford, KS
Flat Creek, Geneva, AL
Ft. Dodge, Ford, KS
Ft. Scott National, Bourbon, KS
Glendale, Reno, KS
Glenwood, Washington, FL
Grace Meadow, Marion, KS
Graceland, Meade, KS
Halsted, Harvey, KS
Haven Priest, Reno, KS
Hayes Township, Reno, KS
Hazen, Reno, KS
Hebron, Harvey, KS
Highland Park, Crawford, KS
Hillside, Edwards, KS
Hoffnungsau, McPherson, KS
Hunt Shive, Harvey, KS
Hurricane Creek, Holmes, FL
Iola, Allen, KS
Kinsley, Edwards, KS
Langdon Old, Reno, KS
Laurel, Reno, KS
Lerado, Reno, KS
Linwood, Muscogee, GA
Little River Township, Reno, KS
Lodiana, Rice, KS
Lone Star, Reno, KS
Lutheran, Reno, KS
Maple Hill Langdon, Reno, KS
Maranatha, Reno, KS
Martin, Stafford, KS
Mitchell, Reno, KS
Morgan Methodist, Calhoun, GA
Mt. Ida, Holmes, FL
Mt. Olive, Crawford, KS
New Bethel, Terrell, GA
New Hope, Houston, AL
New Providence, Houston, AL
Park Hill, Muscogee, GA
Partridge, Reno, KS
Pawnee Rock, Barton, KS
Peace Bethel, Reno, KS
Peace Creek, Reno, KS
Peace Valley, Reno, KS
Peaceful Acres, Covington, AL
Penwell Gabel, Reno, KS
Plainview Amish, Reno, KS
Pleasant Hill - Loda, Reno, KS
Pleasant Hill - Ninnescah, Reno, KS
Pleasant Ridge, Johnson, KS
Pleasant View - Darlow, Reno, KS
Pleasant View - Huntsville, Reno, KS
Plevna, Reno, KS
Ponce DeLeon, Holmes, FL
Porterdale, Muscogee, GA
Pretty Prairie Mennonite, Reno, KS
Ramah PBC, Houston, AL
Reese Baptist, Geneva, AL
Reformatory, Reno, KS
Rehobeth, Houston , AL
Restlawn, Montgomery, KS
Rice Co Poor Farm, Rice, KS
Riverdale, Muscogee, GA
Rockville, Rice, KS
S. Inman, McPherson, KS
Salem, Reno, KS
Salem Orphans Home, Marion, KS
Schooley, Reno, KS
Sego, Reno, KS
Shirly, Crawford, KS
Simmons, Chase, KS
Smith, Houston, AL
St. Agnes Catholic, Reno, KS
St. Aloysius, Crawford, KS
St. Joseph Catholic , Reno, KS
St. Joseph Highland, Clark, KS
St. Louis, Kingman, KS
St. Paul Lutheran, Reno, KS
Stafford, Stafford, KS
Sterling Community, Rice, KS
Sterling Mennonite, Reno, KS
Sweet Gum Head, Holmes, FL
Sylvia, Reno, KS
Tabernacle, Geneva, AL
Thiessen Old, Reno, KS
Turon, Reno, KS
Valley Township, Reno, KS
Westminster Old, Reno, KS
Wildmead, Reno, KS
Yoder Amish, Reno, KS
Yoder Mennonite, Reno, KS

A lot of these can be seen using the Photos 1 & Photos 2 links.

I guess I really do like cemeteries!

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