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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Are they here?

Eastside Cemetery
Lot 809
east 1/2 purchased by J. O. Howe 7/24/1905

Sadly, no one had their death dates carved in later. Lillie's obituary listed 6 children. Why didn't any of them take care of this? One would assume they had the stone carved when Ralph died in 1904.

Information gleaned from the interments, lot card and Lillie's obituary:
James O.
Born: 3/27/1857 Flemingsburg, KY
Died: 12/11/1936
Lived at 815 W 15th St.
Interment signed by Mrs. Frank Webb

Lillian Augusta
Born: 10/16/1867 Quebec Canada
Died: 5/8/1941
Came to Reno county in 1879
Interment signed by G. W. Stratton
Her obituary mentions a brother as Stratton

Other burials in lot:
Ralph P. - 1904
Hazel Chappel - 1917
Hanna Stratton - 1927
C. W. Stratton - 1906

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