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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Small world or...

Recently I took a weekend trip close to home - within a few hours drive. On the day to return I decided to visit St. Patricks Cemetery in Dickinson County, about 75 miles from where I live.

I'm glad I did. St. Patricks is a beautiful cemetery on a hillside. As I walked and photographed headstones a small flat one tugged on my heart strings. Upon returning home I wanted to find out more on Elley's family. I found her, listed as Ellen, with her family on the 1880 Dickinson County federal census. Next, I searched Ancestry.com for a family tree and almost fell out of my chair when the file for a member of my local genealogical society popped up. This member lives out of town but we communicate via email on projects for our society. I quickly emailed her to share my find. This was information she did not have [regarding dates & burial] for this sister of her great grandmother and she was very happy to receive it. This was not the end of my surprise.

Little Elley's parents are buried right here where I live. I don't know the details of how they ended up here. I suppose that doesn't matter. I went to visit John and Lizzie. Perhaps they know Elley had a visitor recently!
John & Elizabeth Donnelly Devine
Fairlawn Burial Park - Reno Co., KS
Both were born in Ireland

This is not the best photo due to the position of the sun but look closely and you can see Elley's flat stone among the numerous tall ones.
Note the Angel carved in the top of Elley's headstone.

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