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Friday, September 25, 2009

Sad Cemetery Walk

Union Pacific RR Cemetery
Victoria, KS
This was a sad cemetery walk. All buried here died of murder or sickness.

This cemetery was established to bury the bodies of 6 railroad workers massacred by the Cheyenne Indians in August 1867.
P. S. Ashley, foreman from Wisconsin
Thomas Carney from Iowa
Charles Watson from Canada
John Harrington from Kansas City
Pat Rafferty from Kansas City
Hugh McDonaugh from Denver


In the summer of 1873 four Seth siblings were laid to rest here. The stone erected in 2008 tells their sad family story of how they contracted typhoid fever while traveling to join the Victoria Colony. Their mother was laid to rest in St. Louis and these four died after arriving to Victoria. They were survived by the father and 3 brothers.

Margaret, 27
William, 25
Thomas, 18
Jane, 16

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