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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Founder of St. John, Kansas

William Bickerton
Successor to Joseph Smith
He was born in Northumberland England and came to the United States when age 17. He was baptized in the church of Jesus Christ in 1845 and ordained an Evangelist by Sidney Rigdon. When this organization dissolved he was commanded by the Lord to continue the church in its purity and served as President. Moved upon by the Lord, he brought the first settlement to Stafford county, founded St. John, and was honored as its first citizen. Noble, visionary, generouse, forgiving all speak of him. He walked with God.

Based on the family tree I found at Ancestry.com I was able to find the following census listings:
1900 Stafford Co., KS, 85, widowed, born Jan 1815
1895 Stafford Co., KS [state], 80
1880 Stafford Co., KS, 63, divorced
1870 Allegheny Co., PA, 55, with spouse Charlotte, farm laborer, $12,000, $500
1860 Allegheny Co., PA, 44, with spouse Dorothy, Cole [coal?] boss, $600, $50
1850 Allegheny Co., PA, 30, with spouse Dortha, minor
There is also a NY Passenger listing for a William Bickerton born about 1815 that arrived in NY from England on June 30, 1831.


  1. I'm in awe that I found your blog and this post especially. I met (online) a friend who's "connected" to my family and my husband's family. She introduced me to some St. John history and to Wm. Bickerton. I've been reading about him for a couple weeks, so I find your post here quite timely and very interesting. Thank you!

  2. Small world! Glad you found it.


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