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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

GYR Carnival - Anonymous Graves

There are many anonymous graves that pull my heartstrings. In our small Smith Family Cemetery, located in Houston County, Alabama, are 5 unmarked graves all in a row. I can only imagine that the missing ancestors I'm looking for are there but I have no way to prove it. Even if they are not my direct ancestors it is sad I may never know who they are.
It doesn't take long for mother nature to attempt to reclaim this one acre plot. My first visit found few visible headstones and plenty of briars. It gets cleaned off about once a year.
My GG grandfather, Henry Dennis Smith and his parents, Benjamin F. Smith and Mary Emmer Goodman are buried there. Mary died young and BF remarried and his second wife along with children from both marriages are all there. Mary's father, Malachi Dennis Goodman, died in the civil war. Is he here? Mary's mother, Nancy Anderson Goodman, was last known to live with her son-in-law [along with his new mother-in-law] in the Federal census. Is she here?

Locally, here in Kansas, I spend a lot of time at the Eastside Cemetery. In the original potter's field, now called city ground, is a grave that catches my eye each time I drive in. I blogged about it last year. I'm afraid there may never be a name associated with it.

This is a carnival posting for The Association of Graveyard Rabbits.

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