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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Fontaine Grave - Highland Park Cemetery

Last week, over on The Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal, Denise shared an article on managing our blog archives. I use labels [tags] for my posts and also have installed the widget "Link Within" which does a good job of highlighting older posts at the bottom of new posts. Other than that I don't know of much else I can do. I chose not to use a surname in my label directory so I wouldn't have label overload. If you notice, most of mine will fit into a location label. Since I photograph cemeteries all over I felt it best to group them in this manner and then include a few other categories [labels].

Now, back in 2008 when I started this blog I didn't do a good job of giving enough information with each picture. So, from time-to-time I plan to do a "rewind" and highlight that post again, with additional information.

This is my first rewind - on the very first post I made. Thanks to Tammi over at Escape to the Silent Cities for reminding me that this grave is featured in the book "Soul in the Stone: Cemetery Art from America's Heartland" by John Gary Brown. [GREAT BOOK - get it if you don't have it].[Page 176].

I discovered this little guy at the Highland Park Cemetery in Pittsburg, KS. It is the grave of George [1906-1906] and Edmond [1908-1908] Fontaine. Not shown in the book is the back of the headstone. I like it just as much as the front view.

In the book Brown tells us that this is the work of Hance White who operated the Pittsburg KS Marble Works from 1892 until his death in 1926. You can read his biography and obituary here. He is buried in the Mt. Olive Cemetery in Pittsburg. Too bad I didn't know this when I went through Mt. Olive. There is always next time! My husband went to PSU so we will be back over there.

You can see a photo of his business in this book online.

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