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Friday, December 17, 2010

Siegrist Children - Part 2

Imquest [sic] Over Babes is Continued For Trainmen

Train Crew of Fatal No. 10 to Appear Before Coroner’s Jury

The coroner’s inquest, held to fix the blame of the killing of the babies, Ervin and Emma Seigrist, who were ground to bits beneath the wheels of Santa Fe train no. 10 Saturday morning, about two miles west of Hutchinson, was begun at the court house this afternoon, and all of the witnesses of the accident except the members of the train crew of no. 10 were examined. The inquest was continued until 9 o’clock tomorrow morning when the train crew will be examined by Coroner W. H. Williamson and Assistant County Attorney Herbert Ramsey.

A.G. Seigrist, father of the babies told his sad story of the accident and his desperate efforts to save his children. He said that Engineer did not sound whistle or bell and that no attempt was made to slacken the speed of the train until the children had been struck. According to Mr. Seigrist’s story, the entire train passed to the east of the road crossing before it came to a stop. The distance from the place where the children were struck to the road crossing is estimated by Mr. Seigrist to be about 500 yards.

J. L. Seigrist, grandfather of the babies, was working in a field about a half mile from the accident. He says he did not hear no. 10 whistle or sound the bell until the train had stopped after striking the children.

Wesley Siegrist, working with his father, J. L. Siegrist, did not hear the engineer sound the whistle or bell, nor did Kenneth Groves.

Will Johnson, who cared for the babies, Edward Loveland, Stewart Sparks and ? Sparks were the other witnesses.

Attorney J. S. Simmons, and a representative from the Santa Fe’s claim department at Topeka represented the railroad company at the inquest his afternoon. The engineer, fireman, conductor and brakeman who were on no. 10 Saturday morning will be summoned for the inquest tomorrow.

The men who comprise the coroner’s jury are: Walter Chapman, Rev. W. B. Stevens, E. M. Whittle, C. E. Groves, James Graves and ? Hicks Sparks.

The Hutchinson News 10/23/1911

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