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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thank you for your sacrifice

Today I took Christmas flowers to a few graves for a friend that lives out of state. While there I looked across the lane and saw the grave of a brave soldier that paid the ultimate price earlier this year. I knew he had been buried at Eastside but not where. I walked over and paid my respects. He was a young man, only 2 years older than my son.

I thanked him for his service and sacrifice. As I stood there with my heart hurting for his family I couldn't help but say a prayer for God to continue to protect my son, Clayton, deployed to Afghanistan. We are 7 months into our journey and I am weary from waking and ending my day with war and worry.

Thank you Sgt. Mena. May you rest in peace.


  1. It hurts my heart to see those stones. I continue to pray for your son, as well.

  2. How tragic. I will keep your son in my thoughts.


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