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Monday, February 21, 2011

Bad apple...bad taste

Warning: Soapbox Alert!

If you know me somewhat personally then you know that I am very involved in my genealogical society. And, as you might guess, I coordinate all of our cemetery records and activities. I am fortunate to have one amazing volunteer that works with whatever I throw at her.

Recently, I discovered that some of our cemetery files have been copied from our web site and placed online at Find-A-Grave, under the name of someone else. While I know that "facts" can't be copyrighted, and I could stand to brush up on where the line-in-the-sand gets drawn, I do know that information can only be attained a few ways: 
  1. Walking those lots and recording it,
  2. Working with the sexton's records or
  3. Just plain stealing someone else's work and slapping your name on it elsewhere
The data copied contains information that was not done by # 1 or #2 - I checked. For one of the cemeteries 2 people spent almost 2 years deciphering the interment records, one by one, and creating the list. Another; almost a year working with a document the sexton provided to the society.

And, if this wasn't enough, I have found my cemetery photos uploaded as well.

I have no problem sharing my work if you want to use it in your personal research. But anything else needs permission, especially if it's going online.

I will let the genealogical society decide if someone, [other than me], wants to pursue it. But, I am waiting on a response in regard to my personal photos being removed.

To people like that I say:
"You may feel proud of those large contributions but we know that it came not from the sweat of your brow. You are the type of people that often make me feel like saying "forget that" and not sharing. But, more often than not, I remember all of those that have benefited from finding their treasure among my efforts."

Technology makes it so easy to share and steal. For that which does not fall into the area of copyright concern, it doesn't hurt to obtain permission and cite your source.

~ Kicking that soapbox outside ~


  1. That is so not cool. Hope you can get your pics pulled.

  2. This kind of stuff drives me crazy. Hope you are able to get this resolved.

  3. Sorry to hear this - so unfair! I hope Find-a-Grave helps you with this problem. They should ban this person from the website!

  4. Shocking! Breach of copyright! This sort of thing is not on.


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