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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blogger Dynamic Views

Blogger is offering 5 dynamic views for our blogs:
  • Mosaic  
  • Flipcard  
  • Timeslide  
  • Sidebar  
  • Snapshot
If you have the correct settings you can see your blog in 5 new views by adding the word view to the end of your url. Example: digitalcemeterywalk.blogspot.com/view

I looked at mine and while they are new and pretty, they don't include any of my sidebar items. There is a note in one post that advertising and other options will be added in the future.

Try it out on your blog and let me know what you think. Sidebar and Snapshot were the two I liked the best.

Learn more here:


I thought I'd show you 2 screen captures of this blog in Sidebar and Snapshot. Once you add the word view to the end of your url the new view will have a drop down menu [top right] where you can change and see all 5 views.

Other additions:

"...soon be able to customize and use for your blog..." is what the announcement said. So some people may want to change the overall appearance and layout of their blog. I guess it really depends on what you blog about and how it would be viewed in the new option.

Here is my wish list for Blogger:

Enable us to move all blogs under one sign-in / dashboard. I have 4 blogs - 2 on each sign-in / email.

Able to separate the blogs we follow, somehow. I have a genealogy / cemetery blog and follow blogs like that. I have a photo blog and follow blogs like it as well. My dashboard jumbles them all together.

Asking too much?

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