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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Revisiting Antioch Cemetery

I've blogged about this cemetery before. August 2009 and  March 2010.

A little history...

I coordinate the cemetery projects for my genealogical society. The society compiled and published a cemetery book a couple of years after it was established in 1978. On the list was a cemetery without a name. Just listed with its location. It was listed as overgrown with few visible stones.

That wouldn't do. In my research I found an obituary that called it Antioch Cemetery. After discussion with the [self-nominated] caretaker [since 1980] we decided this was its name. Keith Neuway had cleared the site and installed a flag pole with a visitor's book tucked away in the box on the pole. Over the years he and neighbors have cared for the cemetery. The grass is always mowed and the flag on the pole at appropriate times of the year.

While updating our cemetery records I proposed our society purchase signs for the 17 in our county without one. This project was adopted and will be complete this year. The first cemetery to receive a sign was Antioch. In August 2009 a small crowd gathered to dedicate it.

Chris Shults volunteered to build a memorial for the cemetery. I had heard it was complete last year but hadn't made the long drive out to see it - until yesterday. I was very impressed with it. Great job, Chris.

As I registered my visit in the book I read through the entries since my last visit. I was surprised to see that Keith had offered his appreciation for my help with locating the cemetery name.

Thanks, Keith. Without your care and concern so many years ago this resting place would have most likely been lost.

The world needs more people like Keith.

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