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Thursday, April 21, 2011

That was weird

Not sure what happened with two of my blogs. I was working on posts, signed in, when I got a message those blogs didn't exist anymore. What? Huh? Sure they do.

I got a Google screen which gave me a message about suspicious activity and to change my password.
Anyone else have something weird like this happen? I've never had a virus and freaked. All appears okay now. Let's hope so.


  1. I had this happen to me, yesterday. I don't know if my account was hacked into or what. I had to do the same thing that you did-change password. Today all is well; knock on wood.

  2. Has not happened to me, yet. But you just reminded me to back up my blogs!

  3. That's scary. Yep, time to back up my blog...

  4. Btw, I just got the same Google message. Wonder what's going on..

  5. Last week I had something similar too, a notice to say that something suspicious was detected, then a virus alert appeared which offered to remove the alleged nasties. I panicked and accept it's offer to remove stuff. I then couldn't access anything else on my computer afterwards.
    It appears to have been some malware that has cost me £50 to have removed.
    I have been told to ignore any notices like it in future and simply come off the internet completely, then open a new page.
    Yesterday the same thing happened again, so I did as instructed and it worked well.


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