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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Saving a Cemetery

Yesterday I made the trip to the very SE corner of my county to see the Antioch Dedication Memorial that was installed last year.

While there, we crossed into the neighboring county and visited the Mulkey Cemetery*. A man walked across the dirt road to visit with us. He was the one that had restored and cares for the cemetery. What a pleasure it was to chat with him and see that there are others that care for our rural burying grounds.

Thank you, Mr. Kenny Sheer, for the love you have given to the Mulkey Cemetery over the years.

* I ordered county maps from the Department of Transportation for all of my surrounding counties. Most of the cemeteries are marked on these maps. Most. Not all.

And, I also have them for the counties in which I research my family in other states. They're very reasonably priced and really help me in my research.

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