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Monday, May 9, 2011

Died in Southsea England

I have been researching my family history 12 years. I have never crossed the pond in my research. Does anyone have any connections to Southsea England?

Learn more about Southsea over at Wikipedia.

Vinita Cemetery
Dibbens lot

Anna Dibbens
Info online leads me to believe this is a cenotaph

Arthur Dibbens

Gertrude Dibbens

I am a big fan of Ancestry.com. I've been a subscriber since 2000. I use it for my personal research and also for people I want to know more about.

I found a passport record from October 1919 for Arthur and Anna, which includes his photo. This is most likely the trip in which she died.

Also at Ancestry.com are the following:
[Not sure if you can see without a subscription]

Their home at this link.
Anna's photo [Anna Ruth Jarman]
Anna & Arthur's photo

There are many more links to records, like census, for this family. I sure wish I could find my family this easy.

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