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Friday, May 6, 2011

A quick stop in the rain

What an awesome week. My precious son is home from Afghanistan. I am posting photos over on his blog http://www.dearclayton.blogspot.com/

On the way home I made a quick stop at Cottonwood to see if I could find more family headstones for Russ. I didn't find any on my quick walk in the rain. I wanted to check the graves surrounding his GG GF since my initial photographs were randomly taken as I walked through the old section.

Thank goodness this is not a close-up photo. After the long wait and sleepless nights and celebration of Clayton's return I traveled home a little frumpy looking with my hair pulled back and no make-up. I was exhausted.

I had my husband roll the stone over on the one that has fallen so I could check out the name. A couple of Benson's are buried to the left of his grave, shown in the foreground.

I hope to be back posting next week after I catch my breath!


  1. Gale,

    Thank you for stopping by for a second look. I really appreciate it.

    Been watching the return of your son. Congratulations and all the best to Clayton and thank him for serving. I do hope his return goes well.

    Thank you,


  2. Gale--so happy for you that your son is home!

  3. I alwasy enjoy stopping by your blog

  4. Hi, Gale, this is my first visit to your blog. I learned of you through Family Tree Magazine.

    I am only just getting into genealogy. Kind of don't even have a clue how to proceed...hence, how I happened to find Family Tree Mag.

    I actually happen to love cemeteries. There is a beauty to them, and I always love imagining the lives of the people buried there. I had hoped to visit my hometown this summer and have a chance to visit the cemetery where several generations of my family lie. Sadly, though, the trip didn't work out, so I will look forward to it another time.

    Anyhow, I will be visiting again.



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