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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wiltse Children

In lot 1125 of Eastside Cemetery are the unmarked graves of siblings Edward [1914-1916] and Erma May [1920-1921], children of Earl and Emma Wilson Wiltse. The Wiltse family later moved to California.

Sadly, unmarked graves are a common find among the nearly 13,000 burials here. Last night we took a drive to enjoy the cooler weather and I made a quick stop to visit the children.

I was able to find a brief mention of their deaths -

Hutchinson News
I didn't find another notice and he was interred
the next day according to the cemetery records.

Her name is Erma May

Hutchinson News

Isn't this a beautiful photo of Edward!?

The only census that Edward will be found in:

1915 Reno County, Kansas State Census
My thanks to fellow RCGS member, Kathy Floren, for granting me permission to use Edward's photo in this post. She shared her Wiltse family with me for use in our society quarterly.

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  1. What a wonderful photo of Edward, thanks for sharing his and his sisters sad and short story.


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