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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mary Hill's Autograph Book - Part 5

Part 5 and final post.

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This will conclude Mary Hill’s autograph book posts. What a treasure that became separated from its family.

These pages of the book, in my opinion, are the best. One from her mother and future husband. Throughout my research I found the name of Mary’s husband spelled so many ways. Even his headstone doesn’t match how he spelled his name in the autograph book.

 Hutchinson Kan June the 14th 1883
It is not just as we take it
This mystical world of ours
Life’s field will yield as we make it
A harvest of thorns or flowers
Your Affectionate Mother
Mrs. D. F. Swander

 It is not much the world can give
With all its subtle art
And gold and gems are not the things
To satisfy the heart
But, O, if those who cluster round
The alter and the hearth
Have gentle words and loving smiles
How beautiful is the earth
Robison Bramwell 

Robison/Roberson and Mary Hill Bramwell
Fairview Cemetery [Elmer]

While researching Mary's brother, Samuel, I found a school teacher listing for Mary A. Hill for the years 1884-1886 and believed this was my Mary. One of the pages in the autograph book says "dear teacher" and dated 1883. She married in 1887 and no listing is found under her married name so perhaps she settled down to be a farmer's wife.

In the 1885 state census her brother Samuel was listed as a teacher. Taking a second look at that census I now see the ditto ["] marks under his occupation that would also be for his sister, Mary below. I was tickled with this discovery! [School records 1884 to 1966]

Mary's siblings:
1858 - Died between 1926 to 1930
1926 newspaper article about him visiting family in town.
1930 wife is a widow
Moved to Oklahoma in 1901 [article about his land purchase and upcoming move]
Most likely buried in Garfield County, OK
Samuel was a school teacher [as noted in the census] in the 1880's and 1890's. He was later the superintendent and a school was named after him: District 147 in Castleton Township.

He married Sarah E. Jones
11/3/1889 at the brides parents
Reno County, Kansas

Half Siblings:
Jessie Viola Swander Williams
1872 - 1919
Married Warren F. Williams
Buried Laurel Cemetery, Reno Co., KS

Daisy Mabel Swander Chittenden
1875 - 1954
Married Llewellyn Chittenden
Died in Los Angeles, CA

Otto Fave Swander
1879 - 1881
Fairview Cemetery

The Hutchinson News

The Hutchinson News

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