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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blog Stats

Why do the blog stats report like they do? These are the ones provided by Blogger that were activated in May 2009.

Specifically the keywords shown when displaying by:

Now: Presuming that exact moment I selected "now"
Day: Feb 6 to Feb 7
Week: Jan 31 to Feb 7
Month: Jan 8 to Feb 6
All Time: May 2009 to Feb 2012

These keywords were searched and a link to my blog was clicked on.



Why isn't all from Day here in the Week?
Who is searching for ME?

Why isn't others from week here in Month?

All time
Why doesn't it have ALL of the others?
Sure wish I could select a time-frame!

Most of these I can see why a link to my blog was provided since I can recall blogging about the subject.

I need to go back and pay more attention to the stats provided by Site meter, which has been installed much longer than the Blogger stats.

And, I sure would love for those that landed on my blog to leave a comment. Many times I have more information than what is posted.

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  1. If you want even more stats, Google Analytics provides another perspective as well.


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